Kieran Farrell & Dave Lopez

Managing Partners

Kieran and Dave both have very strong ties to the Bronx.  Kieran was born in the Woodlawn section of the Bronx, and returned to go Manhattan College, while Dave's grandfather played football at Evander Childs HS, Dave's mother grew up in Riverdale, and Dave spent all 13 years of grade and high school in the Bronx. 

After spending many years in the corporate world, Kieran and Dave decided it was time to startsomething more in line with their passions. Combining their love for craft beer, desire to create a thriving company, and a need to provide something better to the people, their vision for Gun Hill Brewing co. was born.  Both are extremely proud to bring production brewing back to the borough.

Kieran@gunhillbrewing.com || Dave@gunhillbrewing.com


Chris Prout

Head Brewer

Chris Prout is an innovative brewer who explores non-traditional techniques and ingredients. Guided by flavor, he tirelessly thinks about and drinks beer, and is constantly tweaking recipes to build a better beer. While he often experiments with unexpected flavors and pushes boundaries, he remains focused on striving for a clean execution and has a deep respect for classic styles.

When Greenpoint growler and bottle shop Brouwerij Lane opened its doors in 2009, Chris began beertending. He gained valuable knowledge of beer styles, ingredients, and flavor profiles under the beer program management of Erik Olsen.

Chris started homebrewing in 2009 and placed in many local and regional homebrew contests. He enjoyed building a community by hosting brewdays at his Greenpoint apartment, often splitting batches with other brewers to experiment with yeast and observe the differences in yeast character in the finished beer. His view of brewing as a social activity led to co-founding the homebrew club Brooklyn Brewsers in 2010. The club is still very active today and includes many members who have transitioned to brewing professionally.

From 2012 to 2013 Chris spent time on the Outer Banks of North Carolina apprenticing with Brewmaster Scott Meyer of Outer Banks Brewing Station. At the Brewing Station he made the jump to a 17 barrel system and found a thoughtful, inventive, and knowledgeable mentor in Meyer.

In 2012 he started designing and specifying equipment for Greenpoint Beer & Ale, a labor of love that included more than one attempt to nail the perfect pitch of the brewhouse floor. With Chris as head brewer, the beer started flowing in March of 2014, with over 100 different styles brewed in the first year of production.

Excited about a new challenge, Chris joined the Gun Hill gang as head brewer in March of 2016. He found a supportive and creative environment and has enjoyed getting to know a new community of Bronx beer lovers. He is maintaining his focus on brewing finely tuned ales, lagers, and Brett beers. And as a farm brewery, new ingredients from New York provide him with more unique flavor combinations to explore. He wasted no time in laying the ground work of a barrel aging program, and loves canning the freshest IPAs.

Brother to John Barleycorn, friend of Humulus Lupulus, and devoted servant to Saccharomyces.



Brad Nagle

Assistant Brewer

Brad joined the Gun Hill Team in the Fall of 2018. He previously had worked at Coppersea Distillery and Obercreek Hop Farm.



Jeff Spychala

Tasting Room Manager

Jeff joined Gun Hill in mid 2018 as part of the Gun Hill Tavern team.  He moved over to the brewery in early 2019 to manage the tasting room.  He can be found bartending multiple days a week as well. 



Oscar Santiago


Oscar joined the Gun Hill Team in the Spring of 2019. He is the co-owner of First Boro Brewing Co.