To get the revolution started GUN HILL BREWING CO. will be bringing you these brews. Prepare to follow your ideals.
Our India Pale Ale features an abundance of hop character gained from 5 separate additions of hops including the use of whole-cone Simcoe and Citra hops in our hop jack. Notes of citrus fruit and grass in the aroma are followed by a rounded flavor of citrus and pine. (6.75% abv).
With the generous use of Mt. Hood hops, this golden ale was brewed to refresh. The soft aroma of bread and spice, smooth texture and noble-hop flavors make it an ideal "session ale" for any beer lover. (4.1% abv).
If you like a stout that's full bodied and packed with flavor then this one's for you. Half of the grist in this brew is comprised of either caramel or roasted malts creating a complex, chewy, chocolatey delight. It's like a meal in a mug! (5.9% abv). **SEASONAL OFFERING.  AVAILABLE IN SPRING
Made using the brewer's home-grown hops from the Catskills, which were hand-picked and then immediately frozen to preserve their freshness, this tasty treat features a deep red color, complex aroma and a pleasant fruity flavor with notes of strawberry and blueberry. It's a lot of work but definitely worth the effort! (5.9% abv).  **SEASONAL OFFERING.  AVAILABLE IN WINTER.
This is the taste of the American craft beer revolution. The use of pale and caramel rye malts lend the color and distinctive dry, peppery character while Amarillo hops counter with notes of tropical fruit and oranges. (6.1% abv).  **SEASONAL OFFERING.  AVAILABLE IN SPRING
It's named after the wife of a Patriot general during the Revolutionary War who burned her fields of wheat in order to prevent the British Army from harvesting it. This American-style wheat ale is a true expression of the wheat malt used. It has a thirst quenching bready character and a mild yeasty nose. (5.6% abv).  **SEASONAL OFFERING.  AVAILABLE IN SUMMER.
All light vanishes here. The pitch-black color and cocoa-espresso aroma and flavor are derived from roasted barley while the complexity is enhanced by the strength of this foreign-style stout. (7.9% abv) **SEASONAL OFFERING.  AVAILABLE IN SUMMER.  ***Voted Best Beer at 2014 Bacon and Beer Classic***
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